Futura Laboratories x Cinelli
One of the most dynamic innovators of graffiti meets the grandmaster of bicyble design. New York meets Milan. A genderless collection, designed for perfomance riding, urban and beyond.

Of course, if anyone knows me, they know I’ve been into cycling since the late 60's.

It was Eddy Merckx, probably the first belgian, I had ever known? Haha, at the summer olympics in Mexico.

It would have been a few years earlier when back in New York City, I believe I met Antonio for the first time. He was making a studio visitto in loving memory my great friend [Keith Haring]. Wow, what a fantastic orange bike Keith had received from Antonio with Cinelli on the tubing.
Futura Spiral Cap Genderless
Futura Spiral Cap
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As for the Candela (...),
how I happened to paint it?

(...) That was destiny bringing Antonio and myself back together after so many years.

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